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Adriano Liuzzi returns to Piston Recordings under his new project named Vuérs with the superb four track EP titled Those Kids Are Different which features some smooth, deep grooves and a sprinkling of downtempo electronica. We first crossed paths with Adriano when he released a couple of tracks with us back in 2016 as Pulp Talks. This London based producer, plays records at the city’s wildest parties and he is fast becoming a name synonymous with deep house grooves. He has released several tracks already and is considered by many as the fresh new sound of electronic house music. With his obsession to discover new music and the passion for producing this Italian born artist is the one you need for the right vibes. We’re delighted to have him back and we hope to see more soon.

Those Kids Are Different dishes out a smooth, warm and groovy deep house joint. Nice punchy kicks are joined by shuffling hats and sporadic percussions. A lush bassline adds depth as bright, sparkling notes shimmer overhead, creating a dynamic sound. Cool spoken vocals add character giving the track an intriguing narrative. A real smooth mover that will not disappoint.

Northern Lights intros with a cinematic sequence that brings in a rising drone alongside a superb monologue. Punchy kick drums come through with a pulsing synth in tow. The track opens up with a bright hat sequence and powerful plucked bassline as snippets from the spoken vocal pop up. On the break a familiar vocal style appears which blends perfectly with that mesmerizing drone before the beats return for the duration. Top notch, not to be missed.

Foam presents a beautiful chord sequence and probing bassline in its opening act. Chunky kicks and crispy hats soon join in, along with tight percussions, creating a steady rhythmic flow. The pads layer up, forming a colourful and hypnotic sound as the main groove lures us to the floor. A fresh and unique sound that will most definitely grab a lot of attention.

Space intros with a church-style organ and a spoken vocal that immediately piques the interest. A slow tempo kick drum and shuffling hat sequence comes through before a fantastic vocal churns out an indie style vibe that draws us in. The mixture of spoken and sung vocals is interesting and the track is constructed in such a way that leaves you wanting more. Superb stuff and a must have.

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