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Italian house music producer Valentino Guerriero debuts on Piston with a very nice three tracker titled Secretly EP. Valentino started his career as a producer several years ago when he began using his talents to create timeless sounding tracks that are layered with dreamy and unstoppable rhythmic loops and inspiring atmospheric moods. Growing up with a keen sensibility towards the music production process, he immersed himself completely in his music production, creating tracks with a unique sound and a sleek and futuristic finished production. In 2012 he started work with Berlin based label Ampispazi Recordings which has recently gained support from the likes of Butch, Maceo Plex, Timo Maas, Gel Abril just to name a few. In 2015 after spending some time overseas (Belfast to be precise) he developed a particular inclination towards the UK Deep House sound, mixing soulful melodies with fat bass lines, pitched vocals with driving grooves. His music is supported around the world and his prevailing attributes include his continuous dedication to the exploration and experimentation of sounds and effects ensuring to impress the nation.

Secretly wastes no time in grabbing our attention as a deep pulsating bassline squares up against a cool synth stab. Rhythmic percussions stack up alongside a solid kick drum as a dark and eerie chord pad fades in. Super smooth vocal snippets come through giving the track a sublime deep house groove. The bassline mesmerizes as it transforms from smooth and round to a much more punchy attack. A seriously hypnotic and infectious slice that will keep the floors rocking for sure.

Endless Lies intros with a sublime urban style deep groove made up of solid kicks, crispy hats and a warm, lush pad. The bassline takes us even deeper into the groove and stands in contrast to some very cool synth chords and a super cool clubby vocal. Tight drums keep us moving on the floor as the track keeps us locked in. The break reveals a beautiful groovy keys sequence alongside a hypnotic repeating vocal before the drums take us back to full on mode for the duration. Fantastic stuff that is not to be missed.

Misunderstanding gets moving with a punchy kick drum and bright crispy hi hat combi. Deep house inspired watery chords fade in as the drums get beefed up with added percussions. A simple, deep probing bass beefs up the groove leaving space for those hypnotic synths to work in. Rich, analogue style 303 bass stabs come through, taking the groove to the next level of deep house. On the break we’re treated to a superb display of synth manipulation as panning arps grab our attention before heading back to the main groove. A top notch slice that will not disappoint.

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