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Sonic Dust join us at Piston Recordings with an impressive two track debut titled Dive Into The Change EP. Italian DJ and producer duo Gerry Albano and Fabrizio Cusumano got together a few years ago with a view to create a project, based on continuous research and experimentation in sound, characterized by 90’s underground atmospheres, through the many musical directions plotted in time to the current electronic sound. If you have a look at their release count to date, you’ll see that they are fulfilling their mission and leaving us in awe in their wake. Great to have them on board.

Dive Into The Change delivers a wonderfully rich, deep and hypnotic groove, filled with distorted vocals and atmospheric sounds. A tight drum section drives the groove, creating a rhythmic space for the dancefloor. A mesmerizing arpeggio weaves through the track, playing on the nostalgia strings, and succeeding. The bassline is totally infectious with its monotonous tone digging deep into your soul. Superb stuff that will definitely be a welcome addition on the late-night floors.

Be With You intros with a sublime pad and short sharp vocal accompanied by subtle percussions. This sequence plays on you as synth stabs fade in and ultimately a nice rounded kick drum that has a solid thump. The track breaks to reveal a warm, lush double bass that fits perfectly into the surrealness of the sequence. Hypnotic arps cascade through the groove tying the darker elements with a hint of melody. An excellent slice that is not to be missed.

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