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Re.Find is the alias of one of our longstanding artists who has contributed quite a lot of top-notch cuts over the last number of years and debuts here at Piston Recordings with the superb Juggler EP. Re.Find’s first EP titled Soldier Boy on Inyan Music, has found its way onto several compilations since its release in 2016. More info will be divulged in due course, but for now, enjoy this unique sound.

Juggler intros with a solid, punchy kick drum and warm analogue style bassline while various percussions layer up creating a smooth rhythmic flow. The bassline mesmerizes as it weaves through the groove, keeping the booty shakin’. Sublime melodies cascade through the sound as plucky, grittier stabs ring out. An upbeat slice that will definitely keep the floors alive.

Clown Town is a dynamic track featuring a host of interesting sounds the blend effortlessly, wrapped up in a tight groove. Thumping kicks and crisp hats lead the way while layered percussions move the track nicely. Clangy metallic sounds clash with warm chords and cool FX creating a distinctively futuristic vibe. The bassline performs a Jekyll and Hyde routine as smooth plucks are replaced by grittier tones and elongated notes. A brilliant production that will not disappoint.

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