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Discnekt – Here It Come EP is featured by Beatport in the Deep House genre page!

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Discnekt aka UK DJ and producer duo Joshua Mooney and Will Silver debut on Piston Recordings with a superb deep house joint titled Here It Comes EP. The guys met at a show in Bournemouth, UK a few years ago, they finally hooked up and got into the studio for their first collaboration – All Night EP, on London based Anti-Bad Recordings. Joshua has been spinning and producing since 2012 and has secured a solid reputation with his mixing style and production skills. He used to release under his Wilfre Giroux guise, churning pout several cuts on various labels including Toolroom and 3Beat Records. Will has also gained a reputation as a skilful artist and has been releasing his wares since 2016 on CR2 Compilations and iCompilations. His tracks got airplay to a worldwide audience via shows from DJ Cameo and Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. An exciting young duo with a tight house vibe, these guys are definitely ones to watch for the future.

Warming grooves and Summery tones greet us on the opening track of this classy EP. Here It Comes takes us to the beach, the terrace and the late-night shindigs with a smooth and sophisticated vibe. A tight drum section lays the foundation for a nice rhythmic flow which is enhanced by a groovy bassline and soft keys. Cool FX and vocals combine, adding character to the track as dreamy pads create that warm, atmospheric ambience. Check out the lead synth play on this, deftly executed and a top-notch display, not to be missed.

Our World heralds in a more dancefloor kinda groove while retaining its deep house prowess. A basic kick gets the toes tapping as shuffling percussions layer up to define a smooth rhythm. Airy pads and striking, plucky notes contrast beautifully before the bassline moves in to drive the groove. Twisty, bendy notes give the bassline a great sense of movement while piano chords and magical trumpets give a more musical vibe. Fantastic stuff from the guys that will not disappoint.

Betty Soul intros with a cool vocal and solid kick drum and hi hat combo. Mesmerizing chords are joined by short plucky notes and a hypnotic vox sound. The track breaks to reveal a raw piano chord and high string before the drop into full on mode. A groovy bassline comes to the fore as an array of musical riffs from various instruments gives us plenty to focus on. Definite dancefloor fodder here that will be a welcome addition in any crate.

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Antwerp based DJ and producer Suave returns to Piston Recordings with the excellent Sunday Motion EP. We were blown away by his debut here with Don’t Care EP just a few months and we’re glad he’s back for more. With Spanish and Italian blood running through his veins it’s easy to figure out where his love for music comes from. At the age of six he started to discover his passion for music. He loved how music made him feel and that hasn’t changed since. After twelve years he decided to put his guitar down and pursue his love for House, Techno and the many facets of underground music. That decision started his journey as an artist and producer, focusing on the deeper and more groovy side of House and Tech House. His goal is simple, he wants to change the music game forever and bring music that’s never been heard before. He wants to create a unique sound to separate himself from other artists.

Sunday Motion kicks off this superb EP with a deep house joint filled with ear pleasing groovy chords and a plethora of rhythmic percussions that will easily get the floors filled with dancing feet. In the background, a consistent chord pad mesmerizes as the upfront, stabby chords get to work, driving the groove. A beautifully crafted, almost minimalistic construction that packs a punch and is not to be missed.

Good Times intros with a nice chunky kick drum and bright, crispy hi hats alongside a hypnotic organ. Soulful spoken vocals are joined by more clubby vocal hits that add character to the track while boosting the rhythmic prowess of the percussive elements. The break focuses in on the vocal parts as the organ continues to captivate. Very nice indeed, a must have for the groovier sets.

Lullaby offers up a solid deep house vibe. Punchy kicks lead the way along with crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions. Deep, rich piano chords dominate, setting the mood to sensual and enticing. An interesting effect fades up adding an extra dynamic to the track that really captures the imagination. A lullaby for the dancefloor, but one that will keep you dancing long into the night.

Inhale finishes up this EP with a flurry of deep house goodness. Powerful kick drums lead the way alongside cool rhythmic sequences on the percussion end. Classic style house stabs come through as a short deep-rooted vocal joins in. Subtle keys join the layered stabs for a nice harmonic combo making this one an absolute must have for the late-night sessions.

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