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Piston Recordings Radioshow makes a fresh restart, with a exclusive 60 min mix from the labels head honcho Rogerio Martins!

1º Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
2º Rhythm Operator – Anytime (Original Mix)
3º James Dexter – Hot Feelings (Original Mix)
4º Carlos Sanchez – Deliberate (Original Mix)
5º George FitzGerald – Child (Original MIx)
6º Tom Budden – Lazy June (Original Mix)
7º Chris BC – Nite Nite Baby (Original Mix)
8º Stefano Esposito – Bowmore Drinker (Original Mix)
9º Ozzi – Just Can’t (Original Mix)
10º Detroit Swindle – Nothing Else Matters (Morning Factory Remix)
11º Rob Amboule – Part Three (Original Mix)
12º Rogerio Martins – Real Thang (Original Mix)


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Spanish DJ and producer Hurlee debuts on Piston with a superb round of deep retro styled house on his “Dancing With You EP”. Hurlee has been influenced by top DJ’s from across the world and he has plied his trade on the Balearic Islands for a number of years now. He has seen releases on many labels including Gimmick Records, Reisei Records, DeepInside and Depaart.

The title track “Dancing With You intros with classy house chords over a tight drum arrangement, the bassline powers through alongside a simple but effective vocal sample and we settle into a solid deep house fuelled groove. The break brings forth some very cool retro styled synths that keep the rhythm flowing brilliantly. Top stuff that will do well on the summer floors for sure.

“My Mind” cranks up the pressure with a very upbeat groove comprising a strong kick and hat combination, a vocal sample echoes through the sound with a big impact. Chords begin to fade in and you will find yourself shakin’ that ass in no time. As we slide into the break some cleverly tweaked sounds take us up to a brilliant sequence of piano play which will make this track stand out among the crowd, very impressive stuff here and a must for house jocks all over.

“The Bass” is the hidden gem here, brilliant vocals on the intro with a cool, flowing rhythm building up nicely. The track explodes with some synth bass riffs that would not be amiss on early hardcore breakbeat cuts, this sound works extremely well on deep house and the sub bass intensifies this a great deal. Superb chords add sharp contrast to the overall vibe yet they marry up so well with the sound. A very refreshing track that is sure to be on a lot of playlists.

Selected feedbacks:

Laurent Garnier: Great House tunes, full club support 8/10
Bushwacka: Quite cool tracks 6/10
Shades Of Gray: The Bass is cool 7/10
Severino Panzetta: Great release…Dancing With You and The Bass are my fav 8/10
Piek: I’ll try Dancing With You. Thanks 7/10
GarcyNoise: Nice old school flavor, will try! 7/10
Hector Couto: Super EP, perfect for the floor 10/10
Patrick Zigon: nice ep! 8/10
Toni Rios: sounds good, will try it. thanx 7/10
Olderic: nice stuff here, thanks 9/10


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Piston Recordings is back on plastic with its third vinyl outing. “Ghetto Tales EP” delivers four superb deep house cuts from top quality artists including label boss Rogerio Martins, JR From Dallas, Dimitry Liss and J.Cub.

First up is Piston head honcho Rogerio with his wonderfully deep “We Need To”. This track gets right down to business with a super tight arrangement filled with chunky kicks and crispy hats. It’s hard to sit still as the track builds with suave deep house chords, cool vocal samples and later on sweeping pads that binds the track up brilliantly.

J.Cub aka UK based DJ and producer Jacob Kelly debuts on Piston with the deeply delightful “Don’t Stop”. The track has a very distinct deep flavour form the off, cool snares are accompanied with equally cool vocal samples and a throbbing bassline that will have any floor shuddering. A strong solid groover with a gritty edge, top stuff.

The very popular Dimitry Liss is up next with his multi faceted track “Pimptastic Waterloo”. Dimitry has a knack for combing raw, urban vibes and deep house grooves, which he does brilliantly. Cool and sophisticated house chords are married with a very street fuelled beat with a host of classic vocal samples thrown in, superb!

JR From Dallas aka Jerome Asselin completes this package with the energetic “Down Society”. Deep house vibes are evident but with an injection of pure energy which gives it a unique flavour. Lots going on here with a tight arrangement tying things up beautifully. The bassline pounds the senses and distant vocal sounds add texture to the vibe, top notch!

Selected feedbacks:

Hector Couto: Really nice pack 10/10
Jorge Savoretti: Great record…. i like to receive promos like this, quality stuff! 9/10
Mico Violi: very nice tracks. full support 7/10
Patrick Zigon: Great collection! 8/10
Barem: Down Society for me! 7/10
Aaron G : Nothing to say but “Excelent”. Thank you guys. 10/10
Nils Nurnberg: Don’t Stop is quite sexy. thx 5/10
Mi Ke: Great package, hard to pick a fav. Rogerio’s on point as always! 9/10
Olderic: Don’t Stop wohooo!!! 9/10
Inert: LOVELY! 10/10
Vitor Silveira: My favorite is Rogerio’s track, but i also like the J.Cub one. Will play and support. Nice release 8/10
Lee Bradley: We Need To rocks 7/10
Carlo: Quality tracks…. “We Need To” is my pick in here! 8/10
Michel De Hey: We Need To 6/10
Stacey Pullen: cool, thanks 5/10
UGLH: Cool music here. Thanks 8/10
Slam: thanks for the tunes – will try out – cheers 7/10
Joal: Great package! Hard to choose one! Once again great work from Piston! 8/10
Accatone: Go Piston! 7/10
Merlyn Martin: Rogerio Martins – We Need To (Original Mix) is SEXY! 6/10

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