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Maximiliano and Vincent debut on Piston Recordings with the fantastic The Traveler EP which features a sublime slice from the duo as well as a solo effort from Maximiliano. Relative newcomers to the scene, these guys bring a fresh twist on the tech house sound. Max already has several releases under his belt this year while Vincent marks this as his debut release. Both guys come from the DJing world and their sets have wowed many crowds over the years. Great to have them on board and no doubt we’ll be hearing more from them in the future.

First up we have the title track – The Traveler, from Maximiliano and Vincent . Straight away you get locked on to the vibe thanks to the superb drum intro which features a pumping kick and shuffling hi hat. Distant pads lurk in the background before a deep rumbling bassline shows up to dominate alongside a haunting chord. The track just goes deeper and deeper as various chords come and go. A tribal element creeps in thanks to expertly crafted slapped drums which makes this a definite must have for the late night sessions.

Up next we have a solo effort from Maximiliano entitled Don’t Stop. The intro boasts a solid pounding kick drum and an intricate percussion pattern that will get the toes tapping no doubt. Those kicks really do pack a punch with a lot of low end thump added. Mesmeric synths line up against the shuffling percussions before a sub level bass rocks the bassbins. The break throws up a surreal sequence filled with thick pulsing chords and repeating vocals before that huge kick comes back, slamming us back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

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