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Buenos Aires based DJ and producer Mattias Coll returns to Piston Recordings with another groovy deep house cut titled ENA EP which follows his impressive You EP from the Summer of 2017. Mattias got into electronic music at the beginning of 2008 exploring programs like Traktor and music production DAW’s such as Ableton Live, learning how to use these tools without specialised courses. He threw himself into music production, listening to the likes of DJ Chus and David Penn, this put him on the path to house music where he toys with multiple sub genres to find the best sound. Nice to have him back for more.

ENA opens with a deep, glitchy sound that draws you in before thick, chunky beats come through. A deep, powerful and rumbling bassline dominates the low end as sharp claps and slicing hi hats rattle the sound. Warm chords contrast against the deep elements while sultry vocals add depth and character. The break throws up a surreal sequence filled with sweeping pads and those warm chords and vocals before the solid beats return for the duration. Great stuff that will not disappoint.

Nocturnal is a very nice late-night mover that delivers a solid beat and a scintillating groove. Driven by a punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat combo, the track layers up into a fine slice of deep house that will captivate the mind. A series of soft chords and a bassline that weaves through every crevice serves up a real groovy number complete with subtle vocals. The perfect fodder to keep that party moving to the groove, not to be missed.

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