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The prolific Marco Madia is back at Piston Recordings with the superb three track Rime Ice EP. This one follows his last effort for us, Acqua EP, from the end of 2018 and also marks his 14th Piston cut on top of several compilation appearances. Marco was born in Milan (IT) and spent the greater part of his teen years playing in the local underground scene and making music. In 2006 he moved to Berlin, where he got a degree in audio engineering and started working as a sound designer. The work with sound design has had a great impact on Marco’s music making and he frequently mergers the two. Apart from the music, some of which has been released under the name Flip Morton, and sound design, Marco has also done a lot of work on film soundtracks, exhibitions and performances.

Rime Ice intros with a distinct classic vibe that builds into a solid, full on deep house monster. Chunky kick drums and crispy sharp hats and claps combine to deliver a cool dancey vibe while dark and moody synth chords fill out the groove. Soft, musical tones rise out of the murky bass tones delivering a striking contrast that captivates the mind. An excellent slice that is a must have no doubt.

Clear Ice is a truly hypnotic ride into deep house territory. In relentless fashion, the track delivers the goods in a beautifully constructed slice. Punchy kick drums are joined crispy hats and subtle percussions. On the low end we find a deep, warm, rumbling bassline that powers the groove effortlessly. Upfront, the hypnotizing is done by smooth, deep, lush chords that just seem to go on forever. The perfect groove to keep the crowd locked in, this one will not disappoint.

Jumble Ice goes deeper still, much deeper. Dark atmospherics made up of scratchy percussions, melancholic tones and surreal FX fill the void. Smooth mid-tempo drums get the feet tapping while a beautiful deep bassline looks after the groove perfectly. The tracks layers up nicely creating a surreal experience complete with soft chords that do not let up. A most welcome addition on the late-night floors.

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