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Lea Rognoni marks his Piston Recordings debut with the superb Bensonhurst EP. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, creative producer and DJ Lea boasts an avant-garde technique which gives him a unique place with an unmistakable sound. He’s been an avid follower of electronic music since he was 13 years old. When he got older he started to experiment with different styles, finding his niche before he got the chance to play at private parties, bars and clubs all around Buenos Aires. He graduated from Escuela Sonica and he has a master’s degree in classical music from the Conservatorio de San Martin. Currently he dedicates a lot of time to his career and the production of tracks which are making waves on top labels across the world.

Bensonhurst intros with a pounding kick drum alongside subtle hats and a soft melodic key. A sharp trumpet cuts through the deeper element giving us a taste of what’s to come. Shuffling hi hats deliver a smooth rhythm as various instruments make their mark on the groove. Jazzy, loungy, funky and groovy is what we get thanks to the myriad of sounds that work off that solid beat and beautiful bassline. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

Fellow boasts a punchy kick drum on the intro which is soon joined by slicing hi hats and subtle percussions which combine to deliver a cool rhythmic flow. Soft melodic keys create a hypnotic musical tone as captivating trumpets draw us in. Warming basses ease in before taking over the groove with its funky ass shakin’ groove. A solid track that will give any deep house set a boost, a must have no doubt.

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