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Klaus Benedek marks his Piston Recordings debut with the impressive Never Get Out EP. Klaus grew up in a small town near Vienna. His interest in electronic music began during the 90’s techno hype. He spent hours watching video clips on MTV and viva, gaining knowledge about electronic music. In 2004, he began teaching himself to produce. Gathering his inspiration wherever he could, he began collecting 12″ vinyl records the same year and 2 years later got his first DJ gigs. From 2008 till 2010 he was one of the resident DJ’s at the MNML Thursdays in the Camera Club. In 2012 he started, along with Alex Kolodziej, the event series Tellerbetrieb. Currently he finds most of his inspiration in Chicago House, Deep House, Disco and Breakbeat. After releases on labels like Petrol Dollar, Subversaal, Rekooda, Soul Shift Music, Clean and Dirty Recordings and Tanzbar, Klaus launched his own label ForTunea in 2014.

Never Get Out is a lush, groovy deep house mover filled with warm basses and cool vocal snippets. A solid kick drum and crispy hi hat lead the way before a superb womp womp bassline takes over, forcing you towards the floors. Soulful vibes are found thanks to the vocals while warm chords keep the fires burning. The arrangement is tight as various patterns combine to form a solid structure. A beautifully balanced, dancey groove that will not disappoint.

Real Time wastes no time in getting right down to business from the get go. Chunky kick drums are front and centre alongside a monster pumping bassline that will shudder the floors into submission. A deep droning bass adds intensity to the sound a brighter keys fade through. The synths become prominent on the break and are joined by a cool groovy vocal. Mesmeric and hypnotic, this one will definitely provide a welcome boost in any set.

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