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Deep and dubby House music producer Dominic Aquila debuts with us at Piston Recordings with the fantastic three track EP titled Pobra. Since 2017, Dominic has been turning out some tasty numbers across various labels. His distinct sound resonates well in the clubs and is a testament to the talents he has as both a DJ and a producer. It’s a pleasure to have him on board at Piston and hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the future.

Pobra opens with an instantly warming vibe thanks to smooth chord pads and a chunky kick, crispy hi hat combo. A deep, probing bassline joins in, creating a smooth, infectious groove with lush deep tones. The pads rise, mesmerizing as they go, eventually leading us to subtle, soft melodies. The break reveals delicate, piano melodies before that strong groove returns for the duration. Beautifully arranged and deftly executed stuff that will not disappoint.

Gman intros with a punchy kick drum and exotic, tribal style percussions alongside shuffling hi hats, delivering a steady flowing rhythm right off the bat. Deep, probing, warm bass notes add depth as bright, melodic sequences stand out. A powerful chord pad sits in prominence, proving that true deep house sound that will captivate the mind. A solid club friendly joint that is a must have for the late-night session, no doubt.

Sparrow rounds off this top-notch EP. The track intros with a nice rhythmic drum arrangement which is joined by a strong, probing bassline with warming qualities. Rich, tonal chords weave their way through the track as we settle into an infectious groove that takes us straight to the dancefloor. The track has a real organic flavour to it, fresh and spritely with a lot of depth and character. This one will definitely keep the crowd happy.

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