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Rome based Italian producer De Nis debuts on Piston with the fantastic four track EP titled Scena. De Nis has a deep musical background, he is very much respected and appreciated by his colleagues for his creativity and original sound. A mysterious character with a love for vinyl records, we’re delighted to have him with us at Piston.

Rain Fall Down is a solid, driving Deep House joint with a tight structure made up of punchy kicks and superb rhythmic percussions. At the heart of the groove is a beautifully lush deep bassline that sits perfectly on the low end. Cool vocals add a nice clubby vibe while the real star of the groove are those chords, upbeat and on-point, they deliver an infectious groove to the floor that will not disappoint.

Tone intros with a thumpy kick and shuffling hi hat combo alongside a deep probing bassline. Hypnotic chords go through the filters creating a sublime progression that ramps up the tension in the groove. The track is wonderfully simplistic in nature, but with a massive, impactful groove that will definitely grab a lot of attention. Not to be missed.

Life At Sea offers up a superb hybrid style groove thanks to a combination of classic breaks and a solid 4 x 4 beat. Hypnotic chords relentlessly come through alongside a sub level bassline that oozes low end flavour. Brighter notes cut through the deeper elements as the percussion section dishes out an addictive rhythm. Some tasty 303 action is joined by syncopated notes which all makes for an absolute must have track.

Touch To Me rounds up off this fantastic EP and does so in style. The intro boasts a simple, punchy kick and crispy hat combo before distant pads fade in followed by a chest probing bassline that has risen from the deepest abyss. Smooth chords ease in for a mellow vibe as the main groove locks us in. The drum arrangement is beautifully constructed, offering up smooth changes to keep the rhythm flowing. Very nice indeed, perfect for the set opener or later, more laidback evening.

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