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Belfast based up-and-coming artist Thomas O’Loan aka Dace joins us at Piston Recordings with the superb Paths That Lead To An Unforgiving Fate EP. Thomas started to produce music at just 14 after his Mother signed him up for a music making course. Before this, he had been playing drums and a little piano. Unsurprisingly, he lists the Rhodes and piano as some of his favourite sounds along with the double bass which, definitely comes through in his productions. Thomas also dives into DJing, for now though, he only does this in his bedroom. His inspirations include A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde and Scott Diaz. Now, at 16 years of age, he already possesses the skills to weave seamless chords and build dancefloor ready grooves.

Paths That Lead To An Unforgiving Fate opens with a striking piano motif before muted kicks and rhythmic percussions lay the foundations for a tight groove. Classic high strings join an infectious bassline and cultured chord progression while cool vocal shots add a clubby vibe. The track is rich in melody and lushness, with a groove that wraps you up and forces you to move to the beat. The whole structure is flawless, throw is some breakbeats and you’ve got a solid cut that is most definitely gonna turn some heads.

Another Way intros with a nice and chunky kick drum, offset with slicing hi hats and sharp claps. A delicate arpeggio dances up and down as piano chords fade up into strong, powerful stabs with fluttering keys in between. After a rolling snare climax, we settle into a chaotic groove that will get the crowd moving no doubt. A superb cut with a distinctly urban vibe, a must have for sure.

Fate rounds up this debut EP with a warm intro filled with solid kicks and crispy hi hats. Mesmerizing pads and delicate piano keys combine for a euphoric experience as a powerful bass drone shores up the low end. Bright fender guitar licks come through, complimenting the flurry of piano keys, adding an extra dimension to the sound. A wonderfully captivating groove that will raise the temperature on any dancefloor, not to be missed.

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