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We welcome French artist Evenn to Piston Recordings with his superb debut, Pacific Ave EP. Even is a name already associated with quality music. He’s had his very first full release in 2018 on Henry Street Music which was quickly followed by another gem just a few months later. For 2020, he’s lined up a few more releases on various labels and he’s beginning to cause quite a stir, gaining a lot of attention. We’re excited to have him on board at Piston and we hope to hear more from him in the future.

Pacific Ave opens with a warm, phasing pad, with smooth note changes, setting the mood for a deep and groovy ride. Nice chunky kicks and sharp hats come through as rhythmic percussions layer up. A deep, plucked bass opens up the low end beautifully as a creative synth line gest moving, competing with an array of keys that ooze deep house flavour. A solid cut that is not to be missed.

Ease Back is up next, taking us straight to the floor with a pacey beat that sets up a smooth rhythm alongside intricate percussion patterns. A sweeping, fluid synth mesmerizes as a deep, probing bassline shores up the low end. Cool vocal shots reside in the distance, adding that classic club touch to the sound and making this one an absolute must have to get the party started.

Timeless intros with a solid, thumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat combo. A filtered pad fades in, revealing a warm, phased sequence which is backed up with deep rumbling basses. The groove captivates, hypnotic and dancefloor friendly, the tight beats will definitely get the toes tapping. A superb slice that will be a welcome addition in any set.

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UK based DJ, producer Burton, debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb four track EP titled City Streets. Quite the mystery character, Burton is a young up-and-coming artist with a passion for music, he’s already seen a couple of releases hit the download stores. He dabbles in several genres, but here, he delights with some smooth, urbanised deep house grooves. Great to have him on board at Piston and we hope to see more from him soon, definitely one to watch.

City Streets sets off with a nice upbeat rhythm, complete with punchy kicks, crispy hats and a retro themed muted piano chord. A bouncy bass gets the booty shakin’ as the filters open on the chords, revealing the piano riff in all its glory to the backdrop of a classic hi string. A mesmerizing slice with a stand out club vibe that will rock the dancefloor no doubt.

Back And Forth is a straight up floor destroyer for the dancing crew to get down to. Solid beats and a rhythmic percussion arrangement set the pace as a plucky bassline lights the groove up. Filtered synths fade up before opening into a hypnotic riff that dominates the sound beautifully. The synths fade off leaving the drums and bass before being joined by some lush piano goodness. A definite old skool vibe is felt off this one, making it the perfect fodder for the livelier floors.

Main Geezer is a wonderfully crafted slice of deep house with a classic flavour. Chunky beats and shuffling hats lead the way as groovy keys fade up alongside mesmerizing pads. An authenticity is prevalent thanks to a crackling vinyl style effect, giving the track character. Again, we see influences of the good old days in the form of the deep probing bassline and piano chords, working together in perfect sync. An absolute gem of a track that will not disappoint.

Passive Thoughts opens with a classic bouncy bassline and rhythmic drum arrangement. Chord stabs ebb and flow to the backdrop of an ambient crowd which can just be heard enough to create a live feel. The chords are treated to various effects, sending them moving all through the track as cool vocals come through alongside swirling pads. The attention to detail is evident thanks to subtle authentic touches that make this a must have for sure.

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Maxim Lebedev aka Lebedev (RU) returns to Piston Recordings with the fantastic Susceptibility EP. This one follows his hugely impressive debut Paris Nights EP back at the start of Summer 2019. Maxim grew up listening to electronic music, it was Daft Punk’s sound that really got him hooked. He started to work on his own tracks at just 16 years of age and he quickly found that house music was where he wanted to be. He has gone on to release top quality cuts on various labels. Maxim has also been running his own label, Red Factory Records, since 2015, specializing in house music and its funky sub-genres. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more soon.

Susceptibility opens with a warm loop before a deep voice heralds in those lush kick drums and shuffling hi hats. A deep, grooving bassline gets the body moving as the classic filtered loop style builds and builds. Cool sax riffs light up the groove, adding that musical touch to the sound. A fresh, upbeat slice that will have the floors shakin’ no doubt.

Aspiration is a beautifully constructed deep house joint, filled with deep, probing bass and mesmeric filtered samples. That classic house theme prevails along with added vocal and a tight, chunky drum arrangement. The rhythm is fluid, thanks to intricate percussions and spritely hats and cymbals. A definite must have that will not disappoint.

We’re delighted to have Steve Kelley back at Piston, this time he is treating us to his Beach Remix of Susceptibility which follows his debut here with Look Around EP. Steve came from humble beginnings as a resident DJ at local Birmingham clubs, now he finds himself heading up one of the most forward thinking labels in the world of dance music, Celestial Recordings. After starting up his own events with great success the next step was to enter the world of producing his music and he soon found his works on labels such as D’Amour Recordings, Soul Shift and Suma Records. On the remix here, Steve gets us in the mood for a warm sunny day at the beach party. Fresh and funky, the vibe is alive thanks to n upbeat drum section and powerful bassline. Cool vocals and sweeping loops combine effortlessly making this the perfect fodder for any set.

Col Lawton is up next with a splendid remix of Susceptibility. Marking his debut here, Newcastle, UK based DJ, producer Col fell in love with music from an early age. He was first influenced by friends at house parties who taught him and inspired him to become a DJ. In the early 2000’s he began to have an interest in producing and now he spends time in the studio, interpreting his everyday feeling into sounds. Here, Col wastes no time in getting right down to business. A warm groove is born out of nice chunky kicks and a deep, grooving bassline. Hypnotic pads and ghostly sax riffs create a surreal atmosphere as that super deep vocal narrates. Superb stuff and just the tonic for building the party vibe.

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