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Piston Recordings’ 500th release comes from the man who started it all off back in 2007, label boss Rogerio Martins. This release is a huge milestone for a humble label which has made a respectable mark on the underground house music scene for over a decade. When he’s not sifting through demos, signing quality artists and DJing at exclusive events, Rogerio loves nothing more than to get in the studio and produce the music he adores. Over the last number of years, he has contributed quality cuts to the label which stand amongst some of the world’s best producers. Piston releases regularly feature prominently in sets and are also at home on the top of charts and front-page features of popular download portals. So much more to come from Rogerio and Piston, here’s to another 500.

Oh Baby is a smooth, grooving slice of deep house that draws you in with its infectious charm. A solid, tight drum section ensures a steady rhythmic flow as subby bass notes are stacked against a more prominent, analogue style bass pluck. Swaying pads bring that deep flavour to the groove and gives off a laid back kinda vibe. The main break keeps the flow moving as cool vocals come in for added spice. A superb effort yet again, a must have no doubt.

Bona Fide intros with a lush vibe made up of punchy kicks and mesmerizing bass tones. Subtle percussions add rhythm and get the booty shakin’. Filtered notes fade up as a deep, murky bassline rumbles the low end. Beautifully arranged chords are joined by atmospheric pads and plinky notes that offer a richer contrast in sounds. Another fine slice indeed and one that will keep the party rocking for sure.

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Underground House Music DJ and producer Rafael Melhelm debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic four track EP titled This Feeling. Hailing from Brazil, Rafael also goes by The Soul Architect, and it is under this project where the bulk of his work was created since 2011 on a plethora of labels. In 2018 he started to release under his own name, gaining a lot of support with several releases to date. Rafael hosts his The Underground Sessions on ugsradio every month and his solid mixing style gets plenty of listens. Great to have him on board.

This Feeling gets moving with an upbeat vibe filled with classic undertones thanks to bright piano chords and a smooth bouncing bassline. Shuffling hi hats and solid, punchy kick drums drive the groove with a cool rhythm as striking synths deliver the hook. A rich blend of groovy keys add to the dynamic nature of the track making this an absolute must have for the more energetic parties.

Another Day is a wonderfully constructed deep house joint that will have you swaying to its funky groove for the duration. Led by a tight drum arrangement, the groove is beautifully balanced with the bassline dishing out a classy plucked rhythm alongside vibrant, upbeat chords and high note keys. A refreshing Summer slice that will not disappoint.

In A Quiet Place intros with a pacey kick drum and rhythmic hi hat combo. Serene pads fade in, creating a dreamy atmosphere before deep, plucky bass notes get the groove moving. Cool piano chords are joined stabby synth hits resulting in a smooth melodic flow. A nice balanced groove with a late-night vibe, not to be missed.

Coco opens with a soft pad and cascading arpeggio. Rich piano chords come through with a nice vibrato aftertouch and these are joined by groovy synth riffs for that ultra-funky vibe. The beats are on point, smooth and steady, enough to get the booty shakin’. The atmosphere delights in a laidback way, but with an opportunity to strut your stuff. Top-notch stuff for the late-night session.

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L-Gil aka Colombian artist Gilmar Enrique Perea Moreno debuts on Piston Recordings with the impressive Deep Intentions EP. Gilmar grew up during the electronic music boom of the 90’s. He was influenced by various styles of House, paying particular attention to tribal rhythms. He started out producing and since 2012 he has churned out a slew of top-notch cuts on various labels. He is well known for its catchy grooves, vocals, synths, strong basslines, and an outstanding Latin flavour with a twist of an African ethnic sound. His next venture is to get into DJing where he will be able to share with the crowd some good music in a unique show.

L-Gil gets us into a deep house mood with the aptly titled The Chord which, as you’d imagine is full of wonderfully structured chords. Nice chunky beats lead the way alongside a lush bassline that carries a solid low-end rumble. Cool, rhythmic percussions get the booty shakin as those delicious chords add that raw, classic house sound. A top-notch cut that will not disappoint.

Not offers an equally lush and well-constructed deep house joint filled with tight beats and rhythmic percussions. A super deep, plucky bassline rattles the bassbins as retro themed piano riffs ease through the groove. Cool vocal snippets offer an extra level of nostalgia that will keep the floors lively. A real upbeat and sprightly slice that is a must have no doubt.

Depth Pads delivers a powerful and somewhat chaotic deep house groove with an edgy vibe. Solid beats laden with crispy hats and percussions drive the groove as analogue style bass notes dish out a raucous bassline. Classic, layered chord stabs are joined by cool pads and an instantly recognisable vocal shot that adds weight to the groove. An absolute stomper here for sure, one for the Summer shindigs.

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