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We welcome Suave (BE) back to Piston alongside fellow countryman, That’s Who, making his debut with us on the superb Interlude EP. With Spanish and Italian blood running through his veins it’s easy to figure out where Suave (BE)’s love for music comes from. At the age of six he started to discover his passion for music. He loved how music made him feel and that hasn’t changed since. After twelve years he decided to put his guitar down and pursue his love for electronica and the many facets of underground music. That decision started his journey as an artist and producer, focusing on the deeper and more groovy side of House and Tech House. His goal is simple, he wants to change the music game forever and bring music that’s never been heard before. He wants to create a unique sound to separate himself from other artists. That’s Who aka Jeroen Mertens loves digging into the sound of Deep House and Tech House music, while steering his sights towards absolute dance floor dominance. His sole mission is simple, break the rules, bend the norms and make it fun. While having a comprehensive set of personal edits and tracks to his name, he is known for his energetic sets and powerful stage performance. That versatility has made this guy unstoppable on club floors, always panning to the crowd for guidance on where his musical journey is headed. It’s a pleasure to have both guys on board.

The Original Mix of Interlude intros with a proper thumpy kick drum laid out alongside a soft hat sequence. A mesmerizing, bouncing bassline dominates from the off, steering us towards the floor with a little help from deft percussion patterns. Warm and spritely chords keep the momentum and the flavour fresh, making this a must have no doubt.

Portuguese music maestro Ricardo Cardoso aka Ritz takes us on a ride with his Jazzy Mood Remix of Interlude, which, is a slow burner destined to get sexy asses shakin’. Smooth beats lead the track as elongated chords stretch out alongside a deep pulsing bassline. Bright, melodic flurries of notes add contrast and a bit of sensuality while cool spoken vocals come through. A real nice smoothie for the late-night session.

Next up we have the Original Mix of the raucous Minor Swing which has a propensity to rock the joint thanks to its feisty, pacey groove. Solid beats are at the fore as shuffling hats and scattered percs generate a nice rhythmic flow. Probing basses cut through from the low end as classic deep house chords join in alongside short arp riffs. An excellent slice that is not to be missed.

That’s Who delivers his remix of Minor Swing. A clubbers dream, this one provides the essential ingredients to keep a set flowing with a tight groove and hypnotic prowess. The layers melt into each other with ease, chunky beats, crisp hats and organic drums flow effortlessly alongside a weaving bassline that holds us in its grasp for the duration. Superb stuff.

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Ritz delivers yet more deep house goodness with his latest four tracker titled Beauty Never Fades. This one is fresh off the back of his last effort here with Ensemble EP. Ricardo never fails in his musical endeavours, remaining consistent, dishing out quality with every release. After getting the electronic music bug in the mid 90’s, visiting clubs such as Climacz and Alcantara-Mar, Ricardo quickly found Deep House, Deep Dub, House and Leftfield House. It was under the pseudonym M0u53 that in 2015 he released several singles and EPs ON Audaz Recordings and Hush Recordz. In 2016 he changed his stage name to Ritz, and since then he has worked with many national and international publishers such as ARTS, Blossom Kollektiv, Hypnotic Room, Open Bar Music, Plastic City and many more. Ricardo also runs his own imprint called Left Hook Recordings where he showcases his own unique sound. He rarely does DJ sets and when he does, it is on special occasions using only his own music. Always a pleasure hearing his latest efforts and, no doubt, we’ll be seeing and hearing much more in the future.

Beauty Never Fades is a smooth and lush affair, with infectious bass and melodic keys at its core. A truly inviting groove that reels you in, setting the tone for a sublime 6-minute journey through warm deep house grooves. Nice, chunky kicks and scattered hats provide a steady rhythm as the bassline moves effortlessly on the low end. A series of hypnotic keys offer a melodic experience that captivates, allowing the mind to drift. Top-notch and a must have no doubt.

Intensify rattles the cage a little with a pacey beat and bright hi hats that pan mesmerizingly to and fro. Sharp claps accompany a punchy kick, creating a solid platform for the groove to build. In the background a warm chord pad fades in with alluring appeal. A strong, pulsating bass is let loose alongside a cool vocal which adds meat to the rhythm. Strange, cosmic FX add a dynamic vibe to the track giving it a definite dance floor appeal.

Mellifluous is an inspirational slice of deep house thanks to its live-sounding construction. The drums have that vibe, organic and naturally rhythmic. An intensifying pad fades up adding rich textures to the sound as a warm, moving bassline comes through. The track evolves beautifully, adding high strings and cascading notes to the mix that offer intrigue. An excellent piece that is not to be missed.

Should rounds up this classy four tracker with a wonderful, classic deep house groove. Chunky beats lead us out with steady, rhythmic percussions lighting the path. A cool vocal adds character as warm chords bring home that true deep groove. On the low end, a subtle bassline weaves intricate patterns that complement the equally intricate chords. A solid slice that will sit nicely into that late-night set.

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Guillermo Omar Foulkes aka Mr. Fowks debuts on Piston Recordings with the excellent The Soul Of Music EP. Since childhood, Guillermo has been interested in music, at 13 years old he began working at a local radio station. From that moment on, he was influenced by disco music, in particular by Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer and from then he knew he wanted to be involved with electronic music. At 17 he enrolled in the School of Music of Buenos Aires (E.M.B.A.) and took on Professional Music Producer and Professional Electronic Music Producer, and now he specializes in Sound Design. During this time, he met Augusto Gagliardi with whom he went on to create the label Outsiders Records along with Gastom and Inaki Guillanolegui. Great to have him on board.

The Soul Of The Music opens with a muted kick and teasing chord, the kicks receive a mega thump as crispy hats and sharp claps build up. The warbling chords become prominent as a cool, bouncy bassline takes control of the groove. The evolution of the chords is captivating as they transform between stabs and open pads with striking appeal. A smooth, cool vocal snippet adds character to this superb slice, definitely one for the lively floors.

Groovin’ sets off with a chunky kick drum and bright hi hat combo. Mesmerizing chords fade in as the percussions start to gather pace, generating flowing rhythms. Syncopated keys form a dynamic vibe that really takes over the groove, working the floor with gusto. The bassline is the icing on the cake, complimenting the chaotic keys and ensuring that the groove is well and truly busted.

Meaning throws up a real nice dancefloor friendly construction thanks to a tight drum section led by a punchy kick and shuffling hats. Intricate percussion patterns ensure flowing rhythms as the deep house vibe comes alive. Sprinklings of melody are found in the higher notes as a smooth, bouncing bassline gets the booty shakin’. Just the tonic to keep the party rocking.

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