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Johannesburg, SA based DJ producer Bninjas marks his Piston Recordings debut with the impressive Subjected To You EP. For the last several years, Bninjas has been churning out some quality tracks across various labels. We’re excited to be bringing you his latest offering and we hope to see much more from this guy in the future.

Subjected To You is a solid, deep house mover thanks to a strong bass and accented chords that fill the spectrum, leaving us lathered in warmth. Strong, steady beats lead us to the floor where we’re thoroughly engrossed in the musical elements that deliver a dynamic groove. Contrasting sounds blend effortlessly, slicing synths and those warm chords leave a lasting impact and make this one a definite must have.

Cream Babe opens with a punchy kick drum and sharp hi hat combo before glitchy, urban chords come through. Sporadic percussions weave intricate patterns that generate a chaotic rhythm which works beautifully in the groove. The chords are infectious and are contrasted with soft, melodic keys and harsher white noise sounds. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

Packs takes us deep into the urban sound with a solid groover filled with hypnotic basses and cool vocal shots. The track is given a classic vinyl crackle sound effect which works beautifully with the street sound. Unconventional melodies flow from the groove to give a music-box vibe while the deeper elements keep us rooted to the floor. A top-notch construction, no doubt.

We Packed offers a superbly crafted and beautifully arranged deep house groove. Nice, chunky kicks and stuttering hi hats are joined by glitchy sounds and a deep probing bassline that weaves through the groove effortlessly. A series of instrument samples add an intriguing narrative, bringing the sounds together, completing the patchwork puzzle and getting us down with the groove. Great stuff, not to be missed.

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