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Piston Recordings
Jul 2016 04

Italian DJ and producer Alessio Rizzo makes a welcome return to Piston with the superb All I Wanna Do Is Shake. This time around Alessio is flying solo after he teamed up with fellow Italian producer for their debut back in 2015 with Breakfast In Lebanon. Having played many venues as a DJ he honed his skills and musical knowledge to make the leap into production, and the results so far have been outstanding. Delighted to have him back once more and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

The Original Mix gets you in the mood for a good shakin with a bright upbeat vibe that will surely move the floors. Nice chunky kick drums lead the charge here as a deep sub bass lurks on the low end against some very cool mid range sounds. Sketchy vocals litter the sound and add cool textures. The groove is lifted with a tight drum arrangement that unleashes a flowing rhythmic vibe. Top notch stuff and a definite must have.

Naples based DJ and producer Giacomo De Falco heads up remix duties and delivers a solid slice of tech house for our listening pleasure. Giacomo started out with a firm grasp of Techno and Minimal, he strived to organise parties in his hometown and soon found himself at some top clubs. 2013 saw him enter the producing world and he has since seen releases on many labels including ADSR Records, In Dushe, Sound Vessel, Cubek, Blackpoint Records, Async Records and recently featured on the newly formed Skull & Tones. On the remix we get drawn into a superb tech house flow right from the off as chunky kicks take centre stage with an offset crispy hat getting the rhythm flowing. A very cool stuttering bassline finds its way into the sound and mesmerizes throughout. Perfectly tweaked vocals and classic crowd noises litter the sound alongside warm chords that pop up from time to time. A solid tech houser that will be a welcome addition in any set.


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Jun 2016 27

Portugal’s most innovative and steadfast record label delivers its next instalment of top quality cuts. Piston Recordings proudly presents The Secrets Of The Trade 6 which features a raft of outstanding tracks from the worlds of House, Deep House, Tech House and a sprinkling of Techno that adds to the diversity on offer from a plethora of artists. We’ve selected the finest grooves for your listening pleasure with tracks and remixes from the likes of Label boss Rogerio Martins, Demarkus Lewis, JR From Dallas, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax and Nouskynousk to name just a few. Replenish your tools with this stunning compilation to give your crowd the quality music they deserve.

The Secrets Of The Trade 006 (Piston Recordings)_1200x1200

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Jun 2016 27

Russian DJ and producer Tuneon aka Mikh Solvis returns to Piston with the fantastic two tracker entitled Compressed Summer. This one comes after his highly acclaimed debut – Chante back in April 2016. You can be sure that this one will grab a lot of attention and become a go to track for many jocks on the Summer terraces.

Compressed Summer intros with a nice and chunky kick drum with a bright crispy hat on the offset. A deep and lush chord fills the space with a delicious warmth that eases the mind while a superb deep bassline gravitates towards your soul to hook you in. A smooth steady rhythm made up of solid beats prevails and will make your dancing feet find the floor in no time. A simplistic and highly effective slice of smooth deep house that is not to be missed.

Sometimes delivers a top notch deep house groove with a perfectly balanced mixture of sounds that complement each other beautifully. Punchy kick drums and sharp crispy hi hats provide a steady rhythmic flow while a superb probing bassline moves with the beats to bring a solid dancey groove to the floors. Cool vocal one shots litter the sound while a cool piano brings in a bit of retro flavour. Definitely a must have track for the bouncier floors out there.


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