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Piston Recordings
Jun 2016 06

DJ and producer Bjerk Peterson returns to Piston after a bit of a hiatus with the superb Diggin’ Deep EP. It was way back in 2013 when we last saw Bjerk over here when he appeared on Piek’s Txuribeltz EP with Nasty. Since then he has racked up an impressive list of cuts on various labels. Great to have him back and we hope to see much more in the future.

Diggin’ Deep opens with a punchy kick drum and a sub rattling bass that pounds out a solid groove to get the floors moving. Sharp claps and shuffling hats deliver a steady rhythmic flow as cool keys come through alongside an array of FX and a cacophony voices. The groove takes on a surreal vibe as various other elements are introduced while the bassline transforms into a more playful, more funky groove. Superb stuff to have in your playlist, no doubt.

Bonanza intros with fresh thumping kick drum and a mixture of shuffling hi hats and sharp, crispy hi hats that generate a cool flowing rhythm. A proper tech house groove ensues complete with deep probing basses and a myriad of FX and synths that create some very cool textures in the sound. A super tight drum and percussion arrangement ensures the groove remains committed to the booty shakers on the floors. Surreal trumpets and swirling pads make for a trippy ride on this one, not to be missed.


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May 2016 30

UK based producer duo Dean Chapple & James Daniels aka Daniel Morris debut on Piston with the superb 2 tracker Look Into My Eyes. The guys met several years ago while working at a high street clothing store in what they’ve both described as a “random meet”, they’ve been friends ever since. Dean started to write his own music around 2007 having started to play around with basic production software, learning as he went through trial and error. He was responsible for getting Daniel interested in music and after releasing a couple of tracks they started to take this music thing much more seriously, and after a trip to Ibiza their minds were made up. Starting off with a tech sound, they soon realised that they wanted to make music that they liked, so they went underground. Now after a raft of releases on several top labels, these guys are riding the crest of a wave with their sound. Delighted to have them on board at Piston and we hope to see more soon.

Look Into My Eyes intros with a cool kick and hat combi with various percussions delivering a steady rhythm. The kicks are beefed up and are joined by a superb bassline that rolls through the sound creating a dancey tech house groove. Metallic chord stabs come through create some excellent textures while a diva-esque vocal adds an extra layer of spice. Top notch grooves for any floor, a must have.

Different Walks sets out with a nice chunky kick drum that delivers a pounding thump and will rattle any sub woofer into submission. On the percussion front a collection of bright crispy hats and rides set up a solid rhythmic flow to the sound. The bassline rolls along on the low end with a deep bouncy groove and is joined by some fantastic layered pads. Cool vocals are scattered throughout and add colour to the sound as that bassline dominates the groove. Superb stuff once more, not to be missed.


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May 2016 30

TapeOut aka Italian DJ and producer duo Davide Ercolin and Christian Diaferia debut on Piston with the fantastic three track EP entitled Make Me Feel Good. Christian and Davide began their collaboration in 2013 and have released several tracks on various labels. They possess a passion for music and a desire to express their ideas on both the dancefloor and in their productions. They draw influence from Jazz and Soul and have recently refined their own brand of minimal and deep house. Delighted to have them on board and we hope to see more soon.

Make Me Feel Good sets out with a nice punchy kick drum and bright crispy hi hats alongside a tinkling piano melody. A deep rooted bassline comes in and contrasts with the brighter elements beautifully. Cool vocals deliver a classic groovy vibe that many will recognise, this adds to the bouncy rhythm of the track brilliantly and will definitely get bodies on the floor. A perfectly arranged slice of deep goodness that will spice up any set no doubt.

My Little Children dishes out a wonderful classic vibe right from the get go as chunky kicks are met with smooth chords and a fantastic female vocal. The bassline comes through and takes over with a superb deep groove that flows effortlessly through the sound locking us in with its infectious draw. As the track evolves we are treated to more one shot vocals and a playful FM bass that dances across the groove. Beautifully layered with a tight arrangement making this a definite must have track.

Rounding off this top notch pack we have I Need A Boat Party which intros with a very nice chunky kick and warm chord. A deep and probing bassline joins in and settles the track into its deep house groove for the duration. Cool vocal snippets are scattered through the composition as funky elements begin to emerge in the form of electric guitar licks and some nifty bass guitar alongside pitching keys. Top notch stuff that you’ll not want to miss out on.


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