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Piston Recordings
Nov 2016 07

Bonzai regular Jakhira steps over to Piston Recordings for his debut EP entitled Americana. Multi-talented Belgium based producer Jakhira certainly knows how to churn out quality vibes. At BP he relishes in dishing out quality prog while keeping his finger on the deep house pulse that runs through his veins. He has also graced various other labels with his sounds and we’re delighted to see him at Piston where we hope to see much more in the future.

Los Feliz is a beautifully constructed slice of deep house, with pumping kick drums and shuffling hats that deliver a smooth rhythmic flow, to the playful deep bass that gives the track so much depth and lushness. Cool vocal snippets run through the track as ultra cool keys play out with a pure deep house vibe alongside a super smooth and groovy trumpet. A solid offering that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Gowanus intros with a nice and chunky kick drum and crispy hi hat in classic style. As the percussion start to build bringing a fine flowing rhythm, a super lush organ is introduced and right away you feel hooked on the groove. We are taken deeper into the groove with a wonderful probing bassline and a mesmerizing trumpet riff. An absolute must have track that will not disappoint.


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Oct 2016 31

Spanish DJ and producer Jon Costas debuts on Piston Recordings with the upbeat groovy vibes of Don’t Touch Me which is a cool play on words and cleverly split into two tracks. Jon began his music career at just 16 years old, dabbling in different styles until he found his true calling, house music. At first he was learning all about producing music before he started to DJ and in the last few years he has been focusing more on that while still learning all he can about making beats. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more soon.

Don’t sets off with a nice bouncy tech vibe that will get feet to the floors no doubt. Pumping kick drums and crispy hi hats lead the way as a superb bouncing bassline takes the groove up a notch. Sultry, swirling pads offer a warm fuzzy glow to the track as the more edgy drums section gathers pace. A top notch slice of tech that will not disappoint.

Touch Me intros with a fantastic sharp synth that glides across the sound to the backdrop of a building percussion section and cool vocal hits. Punchy beats soon follow and are joined by slicing hi hats and a beautifully round deep sub bass. The track picks up the pace thanks to the infectious synth hook that dominates the groove. A fantastic pure tech house cut that is a definite must have.


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Oct 2016 31

Daniel Ray returns to Piston Recordings with deep and sultry vibes of Tinker. We last saw this guy back in October 2015 with Dirty Laugh before heading over to Eyepatch Recordings in early 2016 with Petal. Daniel spreads his expertise over many genres with deep house and chill being his most active genres, today we see him with his deep house mode in full effect.

Tinker invites us into a world filled with moody deep house vibes. A nice live sounding drum arrangement leads the way as surreal piano keys add to the mesmerizing atmospherics. Deep, warm and lush basses dig deep into your soul and you soon find yourself totally hooked on the groove. A thought provoking slice of deep house grooves that is a definite must have.

It’s OK To Smile intros with a nice chunky kick drum with cool shuffling hi hats and percussions building up forming into a solid rhythmic groove. Deep resonating basses come through to beef up the sound in contrast to the surreal synth shots and quality FX. The deepness continues and we are lost in a world full of strangely melancholic sounds that draw us in, making us want more. A wonderfully crafted slice that will be the perfect fodder for those late night sessions.


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