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Piston Recordings
Sep 2016 19

Portuguese DJ and producer duo Miguel Oliveira and Carlos Lazaro aka Lazer Mike join the Piston Recordings stable and delivers this fine deep house slice – Insomnia – as their debut release. Known for informative and forthright podcasts that feature a who’s who in Portuguese dance music circles and for eclectic music productions which incorporate live elements, Lazer Mike is a multi-talented duo who strive to deliver only the finest quality sounds. Over the last few years they have unleashed their sounds to the world with releases on You Feel You Records, Home Made and Nothing But. Their sound is organic and the live elements they bring to their shows reflects this beautifully. From slow beats to uptempo grooves their music has been championed by the likes of Robert Owens, Antonio Bastos, Animal Trainer and more. Well worth checking these guys out, you will not be disappoined.

Insomnia delivers a real nice deep house groove that keeps you hooked in for the duration. A tight drum section filled with chunky kick drums and shuffling patterns gets us on to the floors as lush organs cook up a deep house treat. A cool vocal gives an interesting narrative throughout as the bassline is introduced sending the booty’s into overdrive. A fantastic slice with some very tasty drums that will not disappoint.

Plot Twist intros with a chunky kick drum and high string with a cool synth stab coming on the opening bar and throughout. A very cool vocal with heavy FX comes in before the real funkness is delivered via a James Brown-esque style. The bassline keeps the track moving nicely and is joined by some warm keys later on that gives off a smooth deep house groove. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.


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Sep 2016 12

Swiss based tech house guru Kenny Ground joins the Piston family with this superb debut entitled Overload. DJ and producer Kenny is renowned the world over and has released a huge amount of quality cuts on many top labels over the years. He is very well respected amongst his peers and has shared the decks with many top names. He is a co-owner of Southpark Records, Old School Department and Glory Touch Records. His style is quite diverse, but he loves to delve into tech house with a distinct oldschool flavour that creates a synergy on the floors.

Overload delivers a minimal tech house cut that will definitely get the floors moving with its infectious rhythms and pumping vibes. The intro boasts a nice and solid kick drum with crispy hi hats on the offset that get the rhythm up to speed. In the background an almost eerie pad dominates and draws our attention. The pads fade and we’re left with a pumping tech house groove with a deep low end and a cool one word spoken vocal. Those pads return in the final third and keeps us hooked for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed and not to be missed.

WTF, translated as text speak for what the fuck, is the perfect reaction to this superb slice of tech house. There will be many clubbers who will exclaim WTF on hearing this cut as it’s one of those tracks that will perk you up and get you straight onto the floor with its fist pumping grooves and cool vocals. A tight drum section ensures a flowing rhythm while on the low end a superb sub does its thing. The vocals create a very cool vibe and are matched in equal coolness by raw acid lines and quirky synth plucks. Brilliant stuff and a must have no doubt.


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Sep 2016 12

Italian producer Marco Madia returns to Piston with another top notch two tracker entitled Ascidian. Marco has been in and around the underground scene for a number of years. In 2006 he moved to Berlin where he got a degree audio engineering and soon started work as a sound designer. He also produces under the pseudonym Flip Morton and his experience has led to working on film soundtracks and exhibitions. This one is Marco’s sixth Piston release and we’ve become accustomed to his quality, something we look forward to hearing more of in the future.

Ascidians takes us deep into the house sound right from the off as muted kicks are joined by dark sounds that rise up from the depths. The kicks get boosted to pounding status and we’re on our way. A deep rumbling bass shores up the low end while warm chords are stabbed into the groove. Throughout the track you continue to find little nuanced sounds that add some wonderful textures to this almost primordial sound that gets you right in the soul. Superb stuff.

Thaliace is a beautifully constructed slice of Summery deep house vibes that would be perfectly at home on a sunkissed terrace just before Sunset. A smooth deep groove is prevalent throughout and it’s filled with warming, lush basses and wonderfully melodic synths. The hypnotic nature will keep you locked on for the duration making this an absolute must have track in your arsenal.


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