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Piston Recordings
Nov 2015 09

Manchester, UK DJ and producer Charlie Pearson debuts on Piston with the fantastic two tracker Trojan Sendout. Charlie burst onto the scene in September 2015 with the brilliant Tech House monster Sent Under on Criminal Hype and quickly grabbed our and many others’ attention. Delighted to have him on board and we look forward to some exciting times ahead.

Trojan Sendout intros with a scathing scraping sound alongside super crispy closed hats and a powerful punchy kick that dominates. Cool vocal one shots pop up and offer a cool vibe to the sound before the phattest, grooviest bass line takes over and forces your body to rock to its beat. The vocals become more prominent and deliver a nice retro vibe giving the track an upbeat mood. It’s that bass line that commands the most here though and will surely be a definite floor filler.

Gotta Have More Cowbell sets off with an upbeat vibe in mind as a nice and chunky kick drum gets us in the mood. Cool shuffling hats give us a smooth rhythm before a monster bass line comes through and totally dominates with its groovy moves and fancy flares. Quirky spoken vocals are welcomed and keep the rhythm upbeat as the drums start to really kick in with a tight formation. A the title suggests we get a healthy dosing of cowbells that stand out well in the sound. The bass line goes through a wonderful mutation at the break as it morphs into a blistering acid line that peaks and troughs before settling back into a deep tech groove. Top notch stuff here that is not to be missed.


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Nov 2015 02

Joyfull Family is made up of 3 like-minded Italian DJ’s and producers, Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola and Chico Perulli. Ten years ago these guys got together to create underground tracks and house remixes. Their 2005 hit Da Breaker got plenty of airtime, notably through gaining top spot on various European charts including Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. They went on to remix for international stars like Corrina Joseph and Shawn Christopher as well as a remix for Cajmere and Dajae’s Brighter Days. After a hiatus of a few years the guys are back together and ready to go once more, something we are all looking forward to.

Wish delivers a superb tech house vibe right from the off as bubbling acid lines fade through behind a punchy kick and subtle hat arrangement. We get locked into this one with ease as those deep bassy tones mesmerise. Sharp claps and crispy hats give the track a boost and really set the rhythm loose a those acid lines start to open up into proper squelching 303 sounds. A very cool vocal lurks around and gives the track a nice house texture. The break reveals a surprisingly warm and rich chord structure that stands in stark contrast to those harsher acidic tones. An absolute stomper here that you will not want to miss.

Fresh opens up with a real cool kick and hat combi, the kicks offer a nice punch while those hats have a little rattle on the end that adds an extra weight to the sound. A superb dancing bass line comes through and takes full control of the groove forcing your feet to move and your booty shake. Warm chords bring in a smooth deep house flavour that leaves a wonderful aftertaste that makes you want more. Superb stuff perfect for those late night sessions.

Frankie intros with a classic chunky kick and crispy hat alongside some sharp rim shots and a slowly building drum arrangement. A nice flowing rhythm is born and we find ourselves totally hooked on the groove. Beautifully lush deep rooted pads fade in and takes us deeper into the groove as those tight drums continue to deliver the goods. Swirling pads and soft keys bring a sweet melodic flavour to the sound and on the break the lead synth just steals the show. Wonderful probing bass lines and inventive drum construction make this a must have track in your DJ toolbox.


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Oct 2015 26

Daniel Ray returns to Piston with the brilliant Dirty Laugh. His last outing – Keeping On, via Eyepatch Recordings performed very well indeed and no doubt this one will be following suit.

Dirty Laugh intros with a real drumkit feel as nicely tuned kicks are joined by a snappy snare hit and crispy hi-hats. A warm, deep chord comes in to take control alongside a probing bass providing a deep groove to get down to. Various layered sounds begin to find their way including some excellent gritty synths raw plucked strings. On the break we get a dosing of organic sounds that contrast perfectly off each other as those plucked strings and that deep bass continue leading us back into full swing and those super tight drum patterns. A deep and thoughtful slice of house music that will keep you on the move into the small hours.

Blowing In The Wind offers up some excitingly cool drums that exude real world flavour. That punchy kick drum is complimented by a intricate hat and percussion arrangement which settles into a fine flowing rhythm. Big, brash bas notes dominate as warm piano keys ring out alongside excellent FX. A real hypnotic deep house cut here and a definite must have for those in need of some surreal moments on the floor.


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