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Piston Recordings
Oct 2016 03

French DJ and producer JR From Dallas returns to Piston Recordings after a bit of a hiatus with the fantastic two tracker Slowing. We last caught a glimpse of this guy on our Secrets Of The Trade 6 compilation a few months back, but his last full release was way back in 2013 alongside LuRob and their Deep Into EP. JR has been buys though, he continues to dish out quality deep house, tech house and house joints as well as performing at many top venues across Europe. He’s currently in the middle of his album – World House Experience (Gourmand Music Recordings) – release tour which will see him take in multiple shows in the Czech Republic and Japan having already toured extensively this Summer. Great to have him back at Piston and no doubt we’ll see more of him in the future.

First up we have the deep and raw Slowing which delivers a solid moody deep house groove full of quirky sounds and a wonderful hypnotic bassline. Lush tones, warm chords and that rumbling bassline sit below a tight drum arrangement made up of chunky kicks and rhythmic percussions that will force you to move. A plethora of quirky sounds fill the space alongside a deep spoken vocal adding some very cool textures to the sound. Top notch stuff that you will not want to miss.

Yokohama Ghetto intros with a nice punchy kick drum and a cool vocal snippet alongside building percussions and crispy hi hats. A fantastic deep bassline that carries a funky element takes hold and lulls you towards the floor. Eerie sounding pads swirl over head creating a superb atmosphere that just goes deeper and deeper while the rhythmic elements keep the booty’s shakin’. Another fine slice from this guy that will not disappoint.


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Oct 2016 03

Italian DJ and producer K.A.M.A. debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb upbeat tech house grooves of Bounce It EP. With a penchant for deep house, dubtechno and tech house, K.A.M.A. certainly knows how to work a track and get positive reactions from the crowd. Since 2013 he’s been plying his trade with releases on various labels including Takt, Basswalk Records, Blend It Records and Little Helpers to name just a few. On the DJ front he is a popular figure at many venues and always leaves the dancefloors satisfied. Good to have him on board at Piston, this one is the bomb.

Bounce It goes right for the jugular with a solid tech house groove that delivers a whopping punch and energetic vibe. Chunky kick drums lead the way and are joined by a crispy hi hat alongside rhythmic percussions to get the feet shuffling. A fantastic deep rumbling bassline steals the show here as its low end subs rattle the speakers. Cool vocals spill out of the sound adding character with an urban feel. A truly stomper of a tune that is not to be missed.

Asthma sets off with a real nice and bouncy old school flavour as punchy kicks and shuffling hats get the rhythm moving. Cool percussions join in and you’ll be forced towards the floor against your will due to the infectious grooves. The bassline comes from way deep down in the sub department and will certainly get the booty’s shakin’ while cool vocals are spread throughout. A straight up pumping tune that will keep the party rocking long into the night, top notch stuff.


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Sep 2016 26

Sebastian Tourt & Natur join forces to deliver their first appearance on Piston Recordings with the superb Move Bit. These guys have generated a wave of support from their previous collabs while venturing into the tech house arena. Natur is a relative newcomer to the scene with several releases spanning a couple of years, while Sebastian has been around for quite a while with numerous top notch cuts over the last 7 years. Two varying degrees of experience on this one with an exciting end result that is sure to get the floors pumping.

Move Bit gets down and dirty with a solid tech house groove right from the off as a classic style kick and hi hat combi take hold. The bass starts to creep in and you know you’re headed straight for the dancefloor. The bulk of the track focuses in on the drums with a cacophony of beautifully sequenced drums layered up into intricate patterns with a live element feel and the spoken vocal adds an extra level of texture. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Cut Hop is a proper ass shakin’ floor filler with its bouncy rhythmic groove that forces you to move. Nice chunky kicks lead the way against a tight drum section that delivers a smooth rhythmic flow. A wonderful low end sub bass bursts through and is joined by a cool urban rap vocal that fits the theme of the sound perfectly. With a big draw towards the drums and bass there is minimal synth use that manages to add a brighter edge to the sound. A must have track no doubt.


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