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Aug 2015 31

Debut appearance on Piston for Columbian DJ and producer Camilo Do Santos with the superb West Coast. Camilo is a lover of funky, deep and tech house grooves, and some of his early influences are the likes of Kerri Chandler and Darius Syrossain. He began producing amidst a very competitive arena in South America and got his first release on the German label Little Helpers. In 2012 he started his own label – Moustache, and is working hard to make this a front runner on the scene. Delighted to have this guy on board as he brings a wealth of talent to the Piston roster.

West Coast gets going with a classic styled punchy kick and shuffling hat combi that will definitely get those dancing feet moving towards the floor. Tight drum patterns form up with those intricate percussions delivering a solid rhythmic vibe. After a cool snare roll a probing bass brings the house vibe to life and settles the track into its swing. Playful riffs dance along the groove with funky flavour as snare rolls cascade over the sound. On the break we get a treat filled with those tight drum patterns before getting thrust back into full on mode, top notch stuff you need to have in your box.

Business Dope intros with a cool chunky kick and hat combi that lays a solid foundation for a proper trek into deep house grooves complete with characteristic urbanised vocal snippets. A throbbing bass grooves out on the low end and shores up the sound perfectly. The break takes on a surreal twist as sirens are followed by strange harmonica riffs that keep to the deep and grooving nature of the track beautifully. A fine slice of house music you will not want to miss.


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Aug 2015 24

Argentinean DJ and producer Leandro Di debuts on piston with his Love From Another Woman EP. Leandro started out listening to funk, disco and jazz which began to shape his musical tastes and added influences like deep basses and hypnotic rhythms. As the years progressed he got into DJing and played styles like deep house, house, acid house and tech house. His impressive catalogue of tracks have seen releases on labels like Vulcania Records, Ho Records, Making Smiles, Restore Music and Complex Textures to name just a few.

Love From Another Woman intros with a crispy bright drum arrangement which is joined by a warm pad chord that rises up from the depths bringing a world of deep house to the surface. Nice punchy kicks join in and give the track a cool rhythm to move to. The slow, lazy bass comes through and gives off a laid back groovy feeling to the sound. A soulful vocal enters the fray and really sets the track on fire with its lush tones. Super smooth, super sexy grooves to get down and dirty with.

Just For House notches up a gear with a cool heavy kick and crisp slicing hat that carries a lot of weight as it cuts up the frequencies. Pure house driven chord stabs linger through the groove as a deep probing bass comes in to get those asses shakin’. Drum patterns form up and let loose with a solid driving rhythmic flow that will definitely have the floors moving. Cool vocals and high strings add texture and allow this track to shine. A soon to be firm favourite no doubt.

Jesus Street kicks off with a pounding bassdrum that strikes the perfect balance between mid and low frequencies while razor sharp are cutting through. A subtle drum arrangement layers up delivering a steady rhythm as a deep, resonating bass lurks at the low end. Cool spoken vocals come through bringing a surreal narrative with an urban twist. A minimal construction with just enough suggestive keys to keep the house flavour going and a definite must have track in your box.


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Aug 2015 17

Italian DJ and producer duo Alessio Rizzo and Ilario Laggetta debut on Piston with the fantastic Breakfast In Lebanon. Alessio got into music from an early age and by 14 years of age he started to DJ and found himself playing at various parties around his hometown. Over the years he has honed his skills to perfection, his sets are engaging and charismatic that convey his passion for music with every beat. This will be his first outing as producer and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Ilario found music early in his life also and in 1988 he stepped into the DJ world and began a magical journey that would take him through various clubs and top spot at various DJ competitions. His sets deliver a cool blend of rhythmic tech house with melodic touches. Another debut producer that shows us the goods.

Breakfast In Lebanon sets off with a fantastic, thumping kickdrum with crispy hats cutting through the low end like a knife. An acid style bass fades in and adds a cool driving groove to the sound with a little help from cool vocals and an iconic ‘woo’ thrown in for good measure. Tight drum arrangements keep the rhythm flowing here as a much deeper bass joins the fun and locks this groove up for the duration. Top notch stuff that will definitely light up the floors.

Alessio goes solo on Distraction and toughens up the vibe with a monster kick and superb spoken vocal that hangs over the sound beautifully. A warm bass creeps in and adds a cool contrast between the crispy hats, echoed claps and the lower frequencies. The vocals definitely dominate this track and give it a great character that will feed into the floors for sure. A full on banging track that will keep the club pumping no doubt.

Alessio is up again on The Start and he delivers another absolute stomper. The pounding kicks on the intro are matched with sharp hats and claps and really get the rhythm flowing nicely. Cool spoken vocals come through and give the groove that real club feel while a deep, probing bass thunders along at the low end. The break sees the bass filter out while keeping a foothold on the sound as that vocal rattles out another phrase. Super tight drums are on offer to keep the dancing feet shuffling and the floors alive, brilliant stuff.


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Aug 2015 10

German DJ and producer Flat aka Florian Kleinschmitt debuts on Piston with the brilliant I Feel. This young up and coming artist is making bold statements with his brand of Deep House, already he has seen releases such as Get This Feeling on Rough Recordings and Say What EP on Mr Carter. Definitely one to keep an eye and an ear on in the future.

I Feel intros with a cool panning vocal that sweeps through creating wide spacious groove that is boosted with punchy kicks, super crispy open hats and sharp percussions. The track breaks to reveal a fantastic bassline that oozes deep house flavour before we kick back into the main sound and a transformed deep bass that solidifies the groove perfectly. A beautifully arranged and layered sound that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Where House sets out with a drum fuelled intro that boasts phat kicks, sharp percussions, snappy snares and a lush probing bass. Those snares deliver a top notch rhythmic groove which fast becomes the backbone of the sound. A cool high string lingers alongside scattered vocals that add a touch of character to the seemingly urban groove. Throughout the track a collection of sounds and FX come together delivering a cool upbeat vibe. The perfect set building tool that is not to be missed.


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Aug 2015 03

Italian DJ and producer Francis White marks his Piston debut with the fantastic three tracker, Don’t Wanna Be EP. Francis developed a love for all things Techno from an early age after experiencing many clubs in Verona. He soon found himself at the other end, behind the decks, where he refined his skills and honed his sets into relentless melody driven grooves. His tracks have seen releases on labels such as Autan Records, Fish Records, FHD Records and Crossworld to name just a few. For the last few years he has been running hiss monthly event, DOC, which has now been transformed into a label called DOC Music. Plenty more to come from this guy in the future, so keep an eye and an ear out for more.

Don’t Wanna Be intros with a classic punchy kick drum and crispy hi-hat combo that always grabs attention. Sharp claps and other subtle percussions deliver a cool rhythmic flow to the sound as grainy spoken vocals come through to get the groove moving. A solid, deep bass meanders through the sound while those tight drums force you to move. A very fresh sound that will definitely get the floors buzzing.

Futurity sets off with a filtered kick which joined by a slicing hat that and some cool vocal sounds that pop up along the way. The kicks get a massive thump added as the track lifts off with its infectious groove. The rolling bass line becomes a main focus in the sound while a cool house atmosphere builds up in the background. Expertly tweaked filters keep the track bouncing along nicely as those one shot vocals add that urban vibe. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition in your box.

True Life intros with a nice solid kick drum a shuffling hat pattern that gathers pace and lets the rhythm loose. Cool, sweeping synths are joined by an equally cool spoken vocal and lead us into a superb bass line that sets the track off beautifully. Francis has a knack for building on the groove at every turn, subtle filters here and there keep the sound fresh and the vocals give the track a dark edge that works perfectly. You will find yourself on the dance floor with this one as tight drums keep the rhythm flowing. A must have track that will not disappoint.


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