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Apr 2016 25

Andrés Tamayo aka An-Beat debuts on Piston with the fantastic three tracker Kingz EP. Since 2009 Andrés has built up a solid electronic music profile with a vast back catalogue on many labels. It was 2007 when he started to use local musical influences such as House, Tech House, Techno and Minimal which led to him starting to produce his own sounds in 2008. His music has appeared on the likes of Witty tunes, 1605, Deeperfect and Neurotraxx Recordings among others and has been supported by top artists such as Claude Vonstroke, DJ Sneak, Maximiljan, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn and Karotte to name just a few. He is currently owner of Moustache label along with Camilo Do Santos.

Kingz intros with crisp snappy snare on top of a muted kick drum and bright percussions before a fantastic punchy kick powers through to take control. A cool house vibe ensues with a playful groove to get the feet shuffling to the beat. Tight drums and percussions lead the way becoming a big focus in the track and take us to the break where we’re met with a display of various sounds and cool vocal snippets. A rattling snare roll takes us out of the break and slams us back into full on mode complete with that superb probing bassline. Top notch stuff and a definite must have track.

If you’re after deep edgy late night grooves then I Am is the track for you. A cool flowing rhythm is established from the outset as crispy bright percussions form up. Nice and chunky kick drums deliver a powerful punch and join forces with a wonderfully crafted bassline to take over the track. The drums tighten up and you will be forced to move to the groove. On the break a cool vocal delivers a self professing narrative that will captivate and intrigue. Super smooth basses shore up the low end bring depth and texture to the sound. Excellent stuff not to be missed.

Eats takes us on a cool tech fuelled ride filled with tight drums and quirky basses to whet the appetite. Punchy kicks join in as the layers build into a solid rhythmic flow. A wonderful moving bassline shows up in all its analog glory alongside a really cool vocal that gives a great character to the sound. This one will definitely do the damage on the floors with its tight solid grooves.


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Apr 2016 25

Jurgi Oraa Diaz aka Oraa returns to Piston with the superb two track Rocketship EP. This guy always delivers the goods and judging by his last outing back in January 2016 with Time Out For Love, we know we’re in for another tasty treat.

Rocketship blasts off with a real nice drum arrangement complete with bright crispy hats and snappy snares. A monster kick drum soon comes through and takes over as cool vocals litter the sound. As if this wasn’t enough to get the floors shakin, we soon find ourselves on the receiving end of a superbly chunky bassline that drives the groove beautifully. Gritty synths come into play but soon make way for a much smoother spacey kinda hook as a high pitched string hangs over head. A big, brash slice of tech house grooves you do not want to miss.

Back In Time intros with a classic punchy kick and hat combo that builds into a feet shuffling rhythmic groove. Cool vocals deliver a raw, urban vibe as a superb bassline weaves its way through the track taking us on along for the ride. Quirky effects build a solid texture in the sound, but the big player here has got to be those fantastic retro styled synth chords that light up the track brilliantly. This one will not disappoint, a must have for sure.


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Apr 2016 18

Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva aka Eat Dust delivers his third outing on Piston Recordings with the fantastic two tracker – Robots EP. We last saw Mario back at the start of 2016 with his Invaders EP which followed an appearance on Monog Records’ 5 year celebratory release.

Robots sets out with a real nice thumping kick drum as the percussions fade through building to a solid and steady rhythmic drum section. Cool vocal snippets are introduced but soon make way for a beautifully lush deep house bassline that soon becomes the big focus on the track. Quirky FX fill out the spaces and add cool textures to the sound making this a definite must have track.

Jivin is let loose with a cool pumping kick drum and crispy hat combi. Various other percussions make their way into the sound and we find ourselves moving to the rhythmic force. A playful bassline takes control of the groove as it dances through the sound providing a smooth deep vibe. Cool vocals are scattered throughout giving the track an edge while remaining firmly within the deep house realm. Top notch stuff not to be missed.


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Apr 2016 18

Alvaro Martins aka Upright returns to Piston with his second outing – Raw Flow. Having made an impact on remix duties for Oli Frances’ Slow Mo and Rob Small & Danny Hartley’s Stubbed, Upright also featured on our Best Of Piston Recordings 2015 compilation before his full debut at the end of 2015 with Bite You At The Altar. Great to see him back with more of his sublime deep and tech house vibes.

Raw Flow intros with a cool percussive fuelled sequence that gets boosted by punchy kick drums and crispy hats. Deep throbbing basses lurk on the low end as synth stabs catch our attention. A short break introduces some very cool vocals before revealing a fantastic warping stab that becomes the main focus of the sound. A superb display of tech house that will definitely turn a few heads.

Move Around sets out with a nice pumping kick drum and a pulsing bass that sits lurking on the low end. Shuffling hats make for a steady rhythmic flow as retro house stabs come through alongside a raspy synth and some cool vocal snippets. The track holds a superb deep house groove that builds and builds until you have no choice but to hit the floor and get dancing.


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Apr 2016 11

Angelo Ferreri & Daniele Kama join forces on our next Piston release with this superb two tracker entitled Wasting Time. Italian DJ and producer Daniele Kama returns to Piston after his remix stint on Hermann Dius’ UK Movement back in December 2015. This Rome based producer is highly respected in the world of electronica having gained lots of support from a host of international DJ’s and working with many other fine artists on various record labels. Joining Daniele is Sicilian born DJ and producer Angelo Ferreri who brings a wealth of musical knowledge to the table having been around the electronic music scene for quite some time. From a young age he was attracted to the Techno sound of the 90’s and pretty soon he found himself using an old Playstation to learn about arrangements. He got into DJing after learning from older jocks and soon he got his first gigs in Italy and then in Europe. 2004 saw him start to produce and he quickly gained attention from many labels. He started his own label – Mood Funk Records soon after and he continues to ply us with only the finest quality sounds.

Wasting Time is a sublime trek deep into the bowels of house music, and all done in a laid back funky groove kinda style. The intro boasts a simple hat pattern before a superbly funky bassline warms the track and gives us a push towards the floor. A plethora of cool drums and percussions form up and deliver a smooth rhythmic flow with that bassline at the forefront. Quirky synths litter the sound and blend effortlessly into the drum dominated arrangement. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Gimme Something delivers a solid tech house workout with a nice chunky kick drum leading the way as cool crispy hats and wonderfully snappy snares bring in the rhythm in style. Warped vocals come through and drift away to leave a rumbling bassline that generates a powerful groove. The vocals come in and out with a playful manner and give the track a great character while a brilliantly executed drum arrangement keeps the floors rocking all night long on this one, excellent stuff here that will not disappoint.


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