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Piston Recordings
Aug 2014 27

Juanma Llopis is our guest this week for our Piston Recordings Radioshow!

Piston Recordings Radioshow #47 – mixed by Juanma Llopis by Piston Recordings on Mixcloud

1º Juanma Llopis – Going Insane (Original Mix)
2º Marcus Jakes – Mine (Chris Quadrant Remix)
3º DJ Romain, DeepCitySoul – NY 2 UK (James Dexter Mix)
4º Outboxx – Feel Your Love (Original Mix)
5º Ugur Project – Blood Relic (Original Mix)
6º Juanma Llopis – Baila! (Original Mix)
7º Danny eM – Shades Of Summer (Original Mix)
8º Redondo – Waist Shake (Original Club Mix)
9º Juanma Llopis – Here’s How It Goes (Original Mix)
10º Alvaro Smart – Illusion (Original Mix)
11º Jawoo – Puzzle (Original Mix)
12º Juanma Llopis, Carles Mateu & Marcex – Dotara Pace (Original Mix)
13º Kruse & Nuernberg, Teenage Mutants – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)


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Aug 2014 25

DJ and producer duo Different Things aka Riccardo Masi and Alessio Zobbi debut on Piston with this stunning five track release entitled Half Past Midnight EP. The guys have just recently saw their Soul Light EP on D-Lab Records hit the shelves and they have more projects on the go. We are delight to have them here at Piston with this fantastic offering and we hope to see much more soon.

First up we have Everybody Wanna Move with its super cool lounge grooves. Right from the off the track oozes deep house vibes that captivate throughout. The tight drums and percussion arrangements will get the toes tapping as the bassline meanders along with a slice of funk. Beautifully tweaked chords mesmerize and are contrasted perfectly with some brighter piano riffs. Sultry and smooth for those late night sessions.

Koto intros with a deep bass alongside rhythmic percussions and a cool break beat vibe. Smooth piano hits come through as the layers build before the 4×4 kicks take control. Groovy melodies take over as the piano is joined by cool synths bringing a funky treat to the sound. Smooth laidback rhythms with a mellow vibe that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Half Past Midnight takes the term super cool to whole new level as the track oozes smooth deep house flavours right from the off. Inoffensive kicks and cool shuffling percussions provide the perfect backdrop to the track while the deep and groovy basses power the track forward. The big hitter here is the stunning key work, deep chords are contrasted beautifully by sweet melodic riffs and laidback pianos. Great stuff that will grab a lot of attention.

True Waves dishes out a slow and groovy jam with a myriad of funky licks and a tightly arranged drum section that builds a smooth rhythmic flow. Perfectly plucked basses create a cool, swaying groove that will force you to get those dancing feet moving. The piano section builds smoothly as chords are struck alongside funky riffs as an organ ramps up the vibe. Definitely a must have for any collection which will not disappoint.

Lastly we have Sunday Brunch which starts life as a cool percussive groove with rising chords coming through in the background. Nice chunky kicks soon take control and we are set on a deep and soulful journey through the house spectrum. A stunning deep bass drives the track beautifully as the synths continue to rise alongside some cool FX and bright plinky pianos. Funky riffs are played out and create a wonderfully textured groove in this superb slice. Not to be missed.


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Aug 2014 20

This week we have Davide Piras on the decks with a exclusive 60 minutes mix for our show, enjoy!

Piston Recordings Radioshow #46 – mixed by Davide Piras by Piston Recordings on Mixcloud

1º Davide Piras – 104 (Original Mix)
2º Chiqito – Reactorism (Original Mix)
3º Samuel Deep – 3521 (Original Mix)
4º Josh Butler – No Frills Dub (Original Mix)
5º Davide Piras – Morgen (Original Mix)
6º Robosonic – Dedicated (Original Mix)
7º Gabriel Pivaro – It Goes On (Original Mix)
8º Origins Sound – How It Was Before (Original Mix)
9º Edu Imbernon – At Dawn (Original Mix)
10º X-Press 2 – Kill 100 feat. Rob Harvey (Carl Craig Remix)


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