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Piston Recordings
Apr 2017 24

Argentinean DJ and producer Sherr aka German Basualdo debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic Los Monjes EP. Since his childhood he developed a passion for the art of sound. His love for the creation of rhythms and melodies grew over time, then he discovered house and fell in love with this rhythm. An obsessive collector always open to new inspirations of house music, he immediately began to understand and create his own music. His DJ sets are always fun, original and full of grooves that have made thousands of Buenos Aires clubbers dance over the years. He has seen releases on Innocent Music, Act Natural Records, Deeper Records, Alboratory, Tip Tap Records and Baile Musik. Great to have him on board at Piston.

Los Monjes intros with a single punchy kick drum and is joined by shuffling hi hats and a deep rooted bassline that fades in from the depths. On the first break subtle keys float in the distance, the ambience is broken by a sharp spoken vocal before the beats return with slicing crispy hi hats in tow. Soft pads stand in contrast to the deep low end basses and the two combine beautifully. A deep and thoughtful slice that will definitely work the floors no doubt.

Whoreel gets right into a tech house fuelled groove made up of superb chunky kick drums and rhythmic percussions. A deep and dark them flows through the groove here which is enhanced by a mysteriously haunting vocal one shot. The break reveals the darker elements even more as a chill runs down your spine thanks to those haunting vibes. Throughout the track a low end bass pad mesmerizes making this a definite must have track.

Redentor delivers a top notch groovy workout complete with tight beats and probing bassline. Dark keys litter the sound while bright and crispy hi hats slice through the lower frequencies. Tech house vibes ooze out of the sound which the floors are gonna love. The break is a sinister affair as those darker sounds combine alongside a mysterious vocal and some expertly crafted sweeping noise. The punchy beats return and lock us in for the duration. Top notch stuff.

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Apr 2017 24

Aiming to keep floors busy with another fine slice of House music, Demarkus Lewis returns to Piston with the fantastic Sing It which comes packed with four top notch remixes offering diversity in a range of styles. Last time out Demarkus gave us the brilliant I Do It Naturally and since then he has also released quality cuts on various labels. Over his long and successful career he has seen releases on Nervous Records, Slip N Slide, Black Vinyl, Kingtstreet Soundz and Guesthouse Music to name just a few. He also owns the successful Grin Music where he showcases only the finest grooves. It’s no wonder this guys is considered a legend in the underground scene and we’re delighted to have him back for his third Piston outing. If you’re in the market for the perfect club weapon then you’ve landed at just the right place.

We kick off this mega pack with the Original Mix which cooks up a might house music feast of club fuelled vibes complete with a wonderful retro vocal that is instantly recognisable. This one is a straight up floor filler, pumping beats and warm Chicago style keys will ensure the booty’s are shakin’.

Piston label boss Rogerio Martins steps out of the office to deliver another superb remix, something which he consistently produces in his own work and remixes. Fresh off the back of Pistons 300th release, aptly titled 300 EP, He gives us his Stripped Out Remix which will hit the floors with a pure house driven groove that will satisfy the serious seekers of house vibes. Not to be missed.

PolyRhythm is up next and brings a much deeper groove to the track that will definitely grab a lot of attention and follow in the footsteps of his Suntin’ EP back in 2016. Here he reaches deep into our souls with warm house groove made up of those deep basses and sublime chords. The vocal stands out beautifully here giving it a club style that will not disappoint.

Jakhira returns to Piston for remix duties after his debut back in October 2016 and once again he shows his true house music colours with a superb rendition here. A solid drum arrangement provides a flowing rhythmic groove as the focus hits that deep funky and groovy bassline that dominates the sound. Expertly crafted synths match perfectly with the retro vocal creating a stomping floor mover you do not want to miss.

Closing of this superb pack we have Piston debutant Deez and his OG Concept. A pure, organically fuelled house music slice that will ignite floors and keep the groove locked in. Tight drums dish out a solid rhythm as a pumping bassline intoxicates, forcing you to move. Mesmeric keys swirl overhead as that special vocal reverberates through the sound effortlessly. A definite must have here.

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Apr 2017 17

Buenos Aires based DJ and producer Ivo C debuts on Piston with the superb It’s Time EP. Ivo has been releasing quality content since 2013 and his work has appeared on the likes of Deepmentality Records, Club Rayo Disquets, Kermesse Music, Votan Records and more. He puts in a lot of time DJing at various events around his hometown and beyond and his sets are renowned for pumping the crowd with energy and dynamic mixing. Great to have him on board at Piston and no doubt we’ll be seeing more from him in the future.

First up we have It’s Time with a wonderfully distinct drum arrangement made up of a pumping kick drum, crispy sharp hats and a shuffling percussion section that would force anyone to move. A deep and resonating bassline sits perched on the bottom end dominating the groove effortlessly while smooth synths take control in the mid-range. The main synth riff slowly rises to prominence throughout the track, delivering its soft release. A proper moody slice of tech that will not disappoint.

Highway intros with an upbeat vibe made up of punchy kicks and slicing, crispy hi hats. The kicks carry a superb bassy after tone that fills the spectrum beautifully. The bassline proper surges onto the track delivering a top notch bouncy groove that joins the various percussions resulting in a superb shuffling rhythm. Short, sharp keys add cool textures to the sound as that bass probes into every corner of the track. The break throws up some very cool pads creating a surreal tech fuelled groove that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

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