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Piston Recordings
Oct 2015 12

Debut appearance on Piston for young up and coming Argentinean DJ and producer Pablo Woof with the superb two tracker Fireworks.

Fireworks takes us on whirlwind ride into tech house which intros with a wonderful display of drums and percussions. Sharp crispy hats and cymbals, snappy snares and superb electro styled rolls are the order of the day. Keeping things in check and on point we have a lush bass that sits beautifully in the sound and commands the track throughout. Cool sounds litter the groove and on the break some very cool crowd effects comes into play before we get thrust back into full on mode. A tasty tech treat indeed, not to be missed.

In The Air sets off with a very cool drum led intro before a nice big chunky kick comes through and takes over. Super crispy hats join in and a solid rhythmic flow develops that locks you in for the duration. A deep, probing bassline comes into play and transforms the groove brilliantly into a proper dance floor mover. The break unleashes cool vocals that lend a helping hand in the build-up that crashes us back into full swing. Top notch stuff which will definitely turn a few heads.


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Oct 2015 05

Prime Brothers aka Italian DJ and producer duo Ale and Johnny Prime debut on Piston with this fine two tracker entitled Freedom.

Freedom intros with a classic punchy kick alongside crispy hats and sharp claps. Cool vocals fade in and out as the track breaks to reveal some very cool chords and a subtle but highly effective bass line. The track becomes entrenched in smooth deep house grooves that will force you to the floor with a little help from a super tight drum arrangement that belts out a solid rhythm. Fantastic stuff from this duo that is not to be missed.

Can’t Hold Me sets off with a cool percussion pattern that is soon joined by a proper chunky kick drum that dominates the sound with ease. The first break throws out a superb bass line that has a slight acidic aftertaste and really gets the tech vibes flowing. Throughout the track we get a dose of that warm bass that we just wish would fly off into an acid frenzy, but it holds firm and drives beautifully through the sound. The perfect fodder for the bouncier floors, a must have.


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Sep 2015 28

Spanish DJ and producer David Museen debuts on Piston with the fantastic Winter In Ohio which comes backed with two superb remixes. David has been locked into the world of electronic music for many years playing in clubs and halls throughout the north and south of Spain. His reputation has been growing with his vibrant sets and his fusion of musical styles that keeps the audience dancing non-stop.

The Original Mix intros with a cool drum arrangement, chunky kicks and crispy hats that sets up the rhythm nicely. Rising chords are met with a sublime spoken vocal before the probing bassline is unleashed and becomes the big focus in the sound. The drums continue to shine throughout and keep the groove locked into its deep house roots. A definite future favourite that is not to be missed.

Piston label boss Rogerio Martins delivers another of his top quality remixes that will definitely have the floors bouncing no doubt. His last cut – Otherwise Unknown, quickly gained the support of many, worldwide. The vinyl release dominated various charts and was championed by the likes of Danny Rampling, Annie Mac, DJ W!ld and Claudio Coccoluto among others. With much more forthcoming on the label, Rogerio has some new tunes in the making as well as a future release on Kevin Saunderson’s label, KMS Records. Stay tuned for more. The remix intros with a cool display of drums that will get the feet shuffling to floor for sure. A classic deep house groove ensues with a superb deep bassline that blends perfectly with bouncy chords. In the background those drums are working hard delivering a steady rhythm that will keep the floors moving. A must have track for your collection that will not disappoint.

Bonetti returns for remix duty and conjures up a brilliant cut for the floors. We last saw him back at the start of 2015 with Don’t Stop The Rhythm EP, which charted well and burned up a few floors while doing the rounds. Great to see him return and look forward to more in the future. The remix turns up the heat with a superb bassline that probes its way through the sound and unleashes a funky twist. Nice, punchy kick and super crispy hats provide a solid rhythm that is the perfect match for that bassline. Smooth deep house chords litter the groove alongside snippets of the spoken vocal creating a brilliantly executed track, top notch stuff.


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